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ultrasonic flowmeter (이동식초음파유량계) 



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EcoSIREN   초음파 유량계  flow meter

Battery Powered, Open Channel Flow Monitor with Wireless Data Transmission.

Flow is measured using:

  • Dual-Wave Ultrasonic Doppler technology
  • High resolution 15PSI stainless steel pressure transducer
  • Monitor flows in channels up to 30 ft without loss of depth accuracy
  • Monitor surcharge flow up to 100 ft without damage to the pressure transducer

Equipped with Ultra Low Power Technology, the MicroSIREN™monitor will upload wireless data daily for a year using just four D-Size batteries. Small form factor and easy installation tools make this an ideal solution for single application monitoring on a budget.

The MicroSIREN™ Flow Monitor includes:

  • NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Encapsulated Wireless Data Logger
  • AV Sensor with 25ft Cable
  • Battery Pack (D Size Batteries Included)
  • SIM Connector
  • Antenna
  • Communication Cable
  • FieldSIREN™ Software






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